Do you regularly need to use eye drops? Are your eyes red, painful, or gritty?
Allergan TrueTear™ is a new, FDA-approved treatment for Dry Eye Disease, used to increase tear production and treat Dry Eye symptoms at the source.

What is TrueTear™?

TrueTear™ is an Intranasal Tear Neurostimulator. Neurostimulation technology has effectively treated a variety of conditions for the past thirty years, but TrueTear™ is the first FDA approved neurostimulation device used for increasing tear production. The TrueTear™ device is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative to traditional treatments for this chronic condition. The device: Temporarily increases tear production Reduces eye irritation caused by dry eye syndrome Is non-invasive This easy-to-use device is perfect for those whose natural tears may evaporate too quickly, who have dry or painful eyes, and for those whose eyes do not produce enough tears. The TrueTear™ device is best for those of 22 years of age or older.

How it Works

TrueTear™ is a handheld, pronged device that is inserted into the nose. The tips of the device send electrical pulses into the tissue of the nose, which in turn stimulates tear production. Disposable tips, made of hydrogel material, are provided to replace after each use. There are five levels of pulse intensity, which allows users to customize their experience and the intensity of the pulses, with the result being a mild tingling in the nose that stimulates tear production. Each use typically takes less than three minutes to complete, and users can discontinue use once an adequate tear level has been reached. TrueTear™ is typically recommended for twice daily use, or can be used on an as-needed basis.

TrueTear™ Candidates

TrueTear™ is a prescription-only device, meaning you must consult with your eye doctor before being prescribed for use. Our experienced eye doctors will help you to determine if TrueTear™ is the best method for the treatment of your dry eye.

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